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Cubicles, Pony Walls, & Divider Walls


EverPanel is uniquely suited to created modular cubicle arrays, pony divider walls, and all types of office delineating walls. Add or remove cubicles as your needs change, expand cubicle dimensions, or otherwise reconfigure your layout anytime. Add glass divider panels at the tops of cubicle walls for enhanced acoustic privacy or add colored trim accents to delineate operational areas.


EverPanel cubicles can be connected to and integrated with full height offices walls as needed, allowing you to create a completely demountable yet integrated office complex.


This is an example of a simple cubicle array. Note the pony wall height wall and the clear polycarbonate finishing element at the top of the wall panels, providing additional light and an open feeling. Add cubicles as needed or reconfigure the layout to account for your space.


This is an example of a high cubicle configuration, providing greater privacy and creating small offices for employees. You can add offices as needed to any array and reconfigure the layout as needed to meet your specific space.


This is an example of a simple 20ft demountable wall for use in an office to divide areas. Note how this pony wall incorporates Finishing Caps to provide a more finished feel. Note also how a higher wall section can be added to the end of a pony wall, depending on one’s needs. You can also add clear polycarbonate sections on top of the pony wall for greater sound privacy and a more dramatic visual effect.

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