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Military Urban Training Facilities, Police Shoot Houses, and Modular Structures


Create durable rigid structures for Military Urban Ops Training and Police Tactical Training


Use to build out entire MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) facilities for training units - reconfigure each building to vary the training.


Note the first two of several buildings to be built for training at TAJI military base IRAQ. Courtest: Australian MOD.

From tactical training facilities to force-on-force training compounds, use EverBlock® to create all types of unique and expandable structures for military and police training applications.

With a lack of infrastructure, most remote sites require immediate deployment of structures to house support and relief staff as well as inhabitants and victims. Time is of the essence and flexibility is key since needs change - in real time.

EverBlock provides an easy to transport system of modular construction blocks that allows for the rapid building of all types and sizes of compound.   

Unlike Tents, EverBlock is rigid and provides a more durable and "permanent" feel for relief activities.


EverBlock is manufactured in a rigid polypropylene co-polymer that is chemical and weather resistant and will not absorb bacteria like other more porous materials such as fiberboard or wood. Unlike more porous materials, EverBlock is easily cleaned with standard cleaning solutions and may be pressure washed.

Sections can be modified and redeployed as needed and lighting, power, AC units, windows, and other enhancements can be added and screwed directly into building modules. EverBlock can also be used to provide


Create temporary or semi-permanent guard shacks, storage buildings, and offices and install windows and doors as you would on a traditionally constructed building.

rigid modular walls for existing structures and a more "permanent building feel" for long term deployments. 

EverBlock Systems, can help you design modular structures in CAD and provide instructions, supervisors, and crews to install your temporary buildings in even the most remote locations.  We work hand-in-hand with traditional tent companies to supplement their offerings or directly with relief and government agencies.

In addition to providing portable structures, we can arrange for generators, lighting, cots, catering, portable showers, temporary flooring and roadways, and other services. We are experienced at handling all logistics for complex relief projects as well as transport to remote locations. 


Use for a variety of applications:

  • Temporary housing

  • Homeless shelters

  • MOUT and urban training facilities

  • Shoot houses for SIM training

  • Portable buildings

  • Modular offices

  • Perimeter security

  • Hospital dividers and rooms

  • Modular medical facilities

  • Storage facilities

  • Tent hard sidewall

  • Tent interior walls and dividers

  • Housing for the underprivileged

  • Force-on-Force training exercises

  • Rapidly deployable shelters and facilities




Build out rapidly deployed homeless shelters, facilities, medical offices and command centers to help combat and isolate any virus, including the Corona Virus. Our modular wall panel systems are used to build temporary walls, dividers, rooms and partitions in hospitals, convention centers and any other facility to safely protect those most vulnerable, including the homeless.

EverPanel Medical Tent Walls.jpeg

EverPanel Rapidly Deployable Modular Wall Panels

EverPanel can meet the need to rapidly deploy portable wall solutions in hospitals, convention centers and stadiums during times of crisis.

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Build Custom Complexes for MOUT
(Military Operations on Urban Terrain) Training


EverBlock can be used to create portable mazes, training complexes, and other structures for tactical training. Create portable MOUT complexes and TOC's (Tactical Operations Centers) that are customize-able, transportable, and re-configureable.

EverBlock can be used to create public safety and shoot-house training centers and can be installed within buildings or outdoors as a standalone structure. Demountable walls can be reconfigured as needed and to vary conditions.

EverBlock can be used to create realistic architectural models, in life-size, of known or existing enemy facilities, allowing for realistic training of personnel in advance of their

mission.  Room changes can be configured quickly and the entire complex can be packed on standard or military pallets and transported to another location for re-deployment and further training. 

Build entire complexes made to resemble homes or apartments for tactical and sim training operations. Reconfigure the space to offer a unique and challenging training center for military or police personnel.