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Connector Lug Tile - Flooring for EverBlock Building Blocks




EverBase 1-DT, EverBase 2-DT and EverBase 3-DT versions can be converted into a connector lug tile for the EverBlock Building Block System.  EverBlock connector lug tile is essentially the same DT flooring module, except Lugs are snapped into existing drainage holes to facilitate the mounting of blocks on top of the flooring.  Connector Lugs, which are purchased separately, are spaced to align with the underside of the EverBlock Block.  

Only snap the square lugs into place in the areas where blocks will be placed, such as along the line of a wall, under a podium, etc, and leave other areas free of lugs.  The lugs provide lateral support, against slippage or movement of the wall or other block object and help stabilize the construction and also provide a firm support base for the blocks on outdoor surfaces such as fields, parking lots, gravel or dirt surfaces. 


  • Children’s Play Areas

  • Exhibit and Trade Show Booth Design

  • Modular Buildings and Structures

  • Wall Support Base

  • Runways and Platforms

  • Raised Staging


Each Connector Lug is designed to align with existing drainage holes on the EverBlock DT versions.

The EverBlock connector lug tile system allows EverBlock building blocks to nest on top of the flooring, while the lugs prevent movement of the blocks and support walls and other structures.

This securing method is ideal for trade show exhibits, sheds, or other structures where the integrity of the perimeter wall is important.  It is also ideal for free play areas, where a gridded base is desired.


One of the benefits of EverBlock flooring is that multiple versions of may be used together, allowing for varying textures, colors, and versions alongside each other on the same project.  For connector lug tiles, combine DT


Attach EverBlock building blocks to EverBlock flooring, utilizing the connector lug tile system.

plus Connector sections with Solid Top or Dance Top versions, enabling you to provide support lug only where needed for a wall or other construction. 

Typically for trade show use, where walls are added to the floor, the EverBase-DT (Drainage Tile) is used alongside the EverBase-ST (Solid Top), such that only the Solid Top is able to be seen (while the Drainage Top is hidden under the EverBlock building blocks). 

Note: It is also possible to simply place blocks on top of the flooring, but this will not provide the additional structure support or alignment that is provided by utilizing the lug system. 

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