Smooth Finish

Illuminated  Effect

If you are looking for a smooth top surface for a table, countertop, or just to beautify your construction, our Ever Block Caps will cover the connector lugs and create a smooth top surface.

Connector caps are available in all standard colours and you can match or compliment the colours of your construction. Caps may be cut to half and quarter size using a simple hack saw. 

The modular design makes it easy to reconfigure, transport, and re-assemble in different designs within minutes.

For supreme flexibility in fulfilling different purpose, re-use the blocks for all types of projects. Each module is designed to connect easily with the parts above and below, using a pressure fit which creates a strong link between blocks. Because of its unique lug system, you can stagger Ever Blocks in 3" increments, to create all types of patterns.

Choose between different sized blocks and finishing caps, as well as 15 standard colours, to create objects for all types of uses.

Each 12" Ever Block contains 2 cable channels that allows you to run power cables, create illumination with LED lighting strips,  or stabilize larger creations.  6" Ever Block's contain one channel that aligns with one of the 12" blocks channels. 

Even when 12" blocks are staggered, the thru-channels align, so that cables can be run.  Holes are 0.5" in diameter and can accommodate most  conduit and cables. Translucent  w white blocks are available, allowing you to create incredible lighting effects.

Quarter blocks also contains notches to accommodate cabling.



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